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April 17, 2008 in Kiev, Ukraine held the first public seminar " Valves for water, heat - , oil - and gas supply " for professionals in different industries involved in the design and installation of piping systems . The seminar was organized Marketing Centre " Pipe Fittings ", LLC " Interekst LTD " - the largest Ukrainian market trader of valves and pipe fittings Lugansk plant JSC LSP PAP and OS "Spetsavtomatika" whose products are known under the trademark " MARSHAL ".

The main objective of the workshop - familiarize the participants with the industry trends , standards applicable to valves, the method of choice quality and reliable fittings designed to NPF TsKBA , St. - Petersburg, and submitted to the head of the technical department Semyon Naumovich Dunayevsky and presentation ball Valves TM MARSHAL .

Leading seminar DG Grak . For participants in the seminar held bilateral dialogue present asked questions and organizers sought maximum fully answer them. Some of the issues escalated into heated discussions , through which representatives of Lugansk plant " MARSHAL " new ideas for implementation needs of market participants pipeline valves. Some of the issues discussed at a workshop in the near future , will be reflected in the new developments of the company promised to be represented by the beginning of next year.

In general , the workshop also made an impression . We hope that in the future, the organizers will hold similar events for the exchange of current and relevant information on the development and reinforcement of affairs in the industry.

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