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Enterprise " LZTA " MARSHAL " , whose products are known as ball valves 11s67p " Marshal " , passed a hard way of development before reaching certain milestones of success .

In autumn 1991 , the first head of the company - Nicholas E. Drobyshevskiy decided to technical modernization and diversification of production . To purchase the necessary equipment , the plant received a loan and during the year it was established turning, thread- and surface grinding , jig boring , forging and other necessary equipment and facilities . As a result of the professional work team , the company produced an experimental batch of ball valves in quantities of 50 pieces. In November 1992, the company announced the creation of a new manufacturing unit , is profiled in the production of valves. It was at this time and laid the foundation for today's success was defined a strategy for the next 10 years of development. Long road to success , the company has passed gradually developing production technology and improving consumer characteristics of the products, expanding production capacity and mastering the production of new sizes of valves.

Long road to success , the company has passed gradually developing production technology and improving consumer characteristics of the products, expanding production capacity and mastering the production of new sizes of valves.

Chronology of LLC " LZTA " MARSHAL "

1992 - launched the first commercial batch of ball valves DN50 KZSHs41nzh welded in an amount of 50 units .

1993 - purchased equipment and facilities , expanded sales markets in Ukraine.

1994-1996 year - designed and engineered the new sizes of ball valves .

1997 - the company " UKRGAZ " agreed KZSHs41nzh use as permitted for use in the gas industry valves

1999 - produced new sizes 11s67p - DN 80 , DN100.

2000 - annual production exceeded 10,000 units . ball valves

2001-2002 year - annual growth rates of production amounted to 50 %.

2003 - Production of the new size of ball valve - DN65/50.

2004 - Production of new sizes of ball valve - DN125/100, DN150.

2005 - released ball valve DN200/150.

2006 - Production of 7 new sizes of ball valve : DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40, DN200, DN250/200.

2007 - annual production amounted to 200,000 units .

2008 - Production of five new sizes of ball valve : DN10, DN65, DN125, DN300, DN350/300; launched mass production of new types of products : flanged , welded , welded stainless steel , valves high pressure ( 10MPa ) , valves for underground installation , alloy stainless steel strainers .

2009 - 1000000 crane presentation at the International Forum PCVEXPO'2009 within ARMATURA'2009 specialized industrial exhibition held in the International Exhibition Center "Crocus Expo" , Moscow. Crane encrusted with more than 200,000 stones Swarovski.

2010 - Production : new size - DN400, DN500; new products - cranes threaded high pressure DN 10 - DN40, valves for oil and petroleum products , threaded taps .

2011 - planned development of manufacture : cranes in molded case made ​​of polypropylene , BUTTERFLY .

Today production company represented more than 500 sizes of ball valve 11s67p ( KZSHs41nzh ) , in two versions: Flange connections and welded ranging from DN 10 to DN 600 and finishing .

The company's management is not going to rest on our laurels of success, but rather aims for new businesses ambitious goals for the future. In the short term , the company will be able to provide consumers with new plant designs for the ball valve . Such an opportunity came thanks to the company to plan the development of production , which is of strategic importance to launch its own foundry site. The enterprise much emphasis on marketing planning business processes, which in turn requires a clear work team of specialists for the collection , research and analysis of market needs pipe fittings . The information received by the industry innovations processed technological and design departments , these departments are responsible not only for ensuring the quality of products , but also for the design and development of new types of reinforcement . To improve the quality of work at all stages of production and promotion of products , there is a system of training employees , which in turn allows you to grow in the walls of highly skilled professionals who care about the global success of the company . An important factor for the success of the company is stable, continuous information communication with consumers and partners .

In all regions of the enterprise product promotion , effectively functioning representative partners that provide consumers the presence of stocks of finished products, attentive to the needs of buyers willing to give competent answers to the technical aspects of production on technology and production lines.

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