Handling the main founder | Marshal

Handling the main founder


Ген. Директор

 Dear partners, colleagues and co-workers!

Gene . director

 Today I am proud to present to you one of the largest factories for the production of pipe fittings .

When we began the way , you've seen it a future plant with wide sales geography , which will provide consumers the best product and impeccable service will provide jobs to thousands of Luhansk , will help to develop their city and strengthen the image of Ukraine as a country producer worldwide.

Achieve their goals was not easy, it took us great diligence , iron discipline and unique people in our present success of each employee's contribution enterprise. And I personally thank them for that.

But the proud little need to evolve and I set our new goals now : not only increase sales geography , but also its depth , producing new lines for various industries , introduce innovative production processes , to bring the company of professionals of our youth and many others .

I want to say about the social responsibility to your own country and the partner countries manufacturers of equipment that is installed on strategically important objects and objects of increased danger - we are responsible for people's lives !

That is why in our factory so much attention paid to the quality of products , each of them goes through several stages of control, before getting to the consumer.

 Today I am proud to have been conceived yesterday, suggest - we all work hard on what we can be proud of tomorrow.



Сергей Горохов

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